Sunday, November 15, 2009

 Our draper location was designed to help us breed to a select group of mares each year and to raise our weanlings and prepare them for their training. (Click on any photo to see a large version of all the photos)
 Each Stall comes with an outside run.  Most of the outside runs are 24 x18. 

The barn was designed with the safety of the mare and young horses in mind.  4 of the 6 stalls in the barn are 12 x 18 to accommodate a foaling mare or a mare with a colt by her side.  Each stall is matted and then bedded with soft wood shavings.  Each stall has an automatic waterer with a bin for hay, grains and a salt lick.  We also offer a wash station with a heater.  Each stall can be entered through the inside or outside of the barn.

 There is a 100 ft round pen with fresh sand that can be used to exercise or work with your horse.

 There are luscious pastures (big and small) for your mare and foal to stretch their legs each day and get the exercise that they need.

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